Juni 1, 2023
Best Compass App For Travelers 2022

Best Compass App For Travelers 2022 – Lucky Nine Apps is back with a smart application that can help travelers travel somewhere.

Best Compass App For Travelers 2022

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KompasQ – The Best Compass For Travelers 2022

One of the difficulties for travelers or people who like to travel is determining direction.

If we are in a place that has a strong internet network, it might be a good alternative to guide us towards our goals.

Unfortunately, if we are in the forest, it is Kompasq who is the savior.

This compass application has features that will help you find the right destination according to the cardinal directions.

This compass application has full features that can be used for several purposes. Anything?

1. Directions Features

Form the number eight (8) after the Kompasq application is turned on. This application will later provide the appropriate and accurate wind direction. When looking for the direction of prayer is very useful. The design of this wind direction compass application is very elegant.

2. LED Light

Running out of flashlight batteries while camping or exploring the woods? Now with the LED light feature integrated in the Kompasq application, we can get emergency lights for a while at night. Also, if we want to have fun with friends in the room, we change it to changing mode, the lights will change color by themselves.

3. Moving Writing

This Kompasq application is indeed made to pamper travel lovers.

This mobile writing facility helps us when we are picking up colleagues at the airport. Write down the name, then lift the gadget so that the writing can be seen or read easily.
For young people who like to attend concerts or want to create interesting moments with performing artists with their names written on, the Moving Writing feature can be an interesting addition to a photo session or enjoying a concert.

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